Rock Ready Aluminum Hulls

Airboat, Jet, or prop hulls

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I have been welding for 40 years welding everything from aluminum can mobiles to commercial building structures. I've always enjoyed welding so why not put it to use with my favorite hobby, fishing and boating. After riding in many different hulls and seeing how they handled and held up to the rough rocky river here in south central PA I came up with my own hull design by putting together so ideas from the different boats I've had a chance to run. These hulls are specifically designed to hold up to these rough conditions and handle in low water.

These boats are truely custom boats, talking to a customer and deciding on the size of the boat is just the beginning. Choices are height of the gunnels, size of the front deck if wanted, storage, hull thickness, material strength as well as other important factors decided by just exactly what the customer needs are. For this reason you will not see any real prices other than a boat that was made for another customer or just a basic hull with nothing added, the bare bones hull. All of these things depend on how you will be pushing your boat, air drive, Jet, or prop.

We will build a complete boat or any stage of completion wanted by the customer. If you have the mechanical ability to take the project over after the hull is done and do your own Poly or bottom paint we can just build a bare hull. We do not use poly on our boats, all our boats use a painted on bottom protection that both protects the hull bottom but also reduces friction allowing better performance.

My design theory

My opinion is different than most builders. Around here our boats stay in the water and don't do any dry ground running. There is just no need for it in this area. My belief is that you can go too wide on the hull for a mini airboat, these small motors do not need as much surface area to float as the bigger heavier car motor boats. If you go wider than you need it causes more drag on the hull when on plane. A narrower boat will not have as much surface area in contact with the water and less drag for the little power plants to overcome. You don;t want to go too narrow though, I would say that a five foot bottom is the least you want for a good running boat.

More information

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