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Installing a 4A084 starter using a golf cart starter/generator

Ideas on a starter generator setup are as many as hobbyists in mini airboating. Some choose to use the original 24 volt charging system with some modifications and add a starter. I chose to get the kit from Airboat Pros. The kit can be ordered as a full kit including everything you need to complete the project, starter/gen, brackets, solenoid, rectifier, belt, pulleys, all wiring, and switches. I chose to get the starter, pulleys, solenoid, bracket, and belt providing my own wires and switch.

Note: The Diagram in this article is made from my installation, at times it is necessary to change this for the correct rotation of the starter.

First on the list was to mount the bracket, this bracket mounts on the four bolts on the bottom of the oil pan. Notice the front mount in this photo, This is left over damage from my tree wreck. The engine got pushed forward a bit. I left it because I liked the position of the pulley at the time because it was easier to pull with the rope. The pulley stuck out from the cage a little more. Don't fix if if it aint broke I guess. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Next step was to mount the engine pulley, just take the nut off and a couple taps with the rubber mallet and it was off. There is a bit of welding needed, there is a tab included that needs to be welded to the front engine mount. You could fab a new tab and bolt it if no welder is available. Here is the position of the tab before welding. And with the tab welded in place. I put on the starter at this point. It would be easier to weld the tab while the pulley is off, you can get to it a little easier. I already had the pulley on so I moved forward. Next I mounted the solenoid. This location may be different for you depending on where your battery is. I mounted the rectifier close enough to the solenoid that I did not have to add to the red wire that goes to the battery, I just put this on the starter side of the solenoid, I did this so there would be no drain on the battery when the key was off. I made sure when running the wires that I had enough wire run that the starter could be tilted down at full swing in case repairs were needed later on. First thing I did was put on the jumper from the F1 to the A1 post. Next I put the red wire on from the rectifier to the starter side of the solenoid. The yellow wire from the rectifier was next connecting to the DF terminal on the starter. Ground the rectifier. I then hooked up the starter wire from the solenoid to the F2 terminal of the starter. I then ran a ground from A1 to the negative side of the battery. I cleaned up and tucked away all my wiring then it was time to test it out. Here is the link to the startup video. I am using a 875 amp marine battery in my boat. I kept the magneto switch off at first to show how the starter turns the motor then at the end showed how easily it starts with the magneto switch on.


  • BigJohn wrote:

    Any updates on your aluminum hull project?
    (Site Admin) We are currently revamping the main site, I will have updates about the build on this page shortly.

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