About Us

The Mini Airboat Association was formed after seeing the need to separate information about building a mini airboat. Although mini airboats are much like the full sized versions of these boats, not all theories apply to the mini. With the mini revolution being relatively new much of the process in still in the experimental stages.

What is a Mini Airboat?
A mini airboat is an airplane type prop driven boat, these boats are powered by smaller horsepower motors such as lawnmower horizontal shaft motors. As with all hobbies this type motor has been experimented with build them to suit the needs of an airboat application. Many enthusiasts are moving to other engine configurations such as snowmobile, jet ski, motors or even the 4A032 or 4A084 Army surplus motors. Some of these motors use a direct drive setup (prop is attached directly to the motor shaft) and other use a reduction drive allowing the use of a larger prop to improve performance.

Don’t be fooled by the name “mini airboat”, these boats are capable of carrying passenger and gear at very respectable cruise speeds of 27MPH or better. The main advantages to these boats are cost, fuel efficiency, and noise.