Rock Ready Aluminum Hulls

Airboat, Jet, or prop hulls

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Rock Ready Boats are only constructed using Aluminum.

Using this form will help me come up with an estimate for your new boat so please take your time to fill out the form completely.
Please describe the conditions you will be operating your boat. Ex: rocky,sand, shell, etc.

What will you be using your boat for? Ex: fishing, frogging, ride boat. We need to know what you will use this boat most of the time for, if you want it to do everything it will have to be built for the largest of the choices. FOr example if you put down fishing you will need the length to help get some distance between the fishermen.

How many people do you want to haul? we do not reccoment more than two adults. This question is mostly for seating.

What is your motor preference if you have one?

Do you have a height in mind for the side height? If you run any rough waters or rapids a higher side is needed.

Right or left hand stick steering?

DO you want the dash inf front of the driver or to the side opposite the steering stick?

Front or rear driver location if it is a two seater?

My design theory

My opinion is different than most builders. Around here our boats stay in the water and don't do any dry ground running. There is just no need for it in this area. My belief is that you can go too wide on the hull for a mini airboat, these small motors do not need as much surface area to float as the bigger heavier car motor boats. If you go wider than you need it causes more drag on the hull when on plane. A narrower boat will not have as much surface area in contact with the water and less drag for the little power plants to overcome. You don;t want to go too narrow though, I would say that a five foot bottom is the least you want for a good running boat.

More information

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