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Thread: Turbo 4A084 build

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    Turbo 4A084 build

    My new plasma cutter came the other day. It came with a three prong twist plug on it. It is also duel voltage. I ordered some wire and ends so I can hook it up to my 220v welder outlet.

    So me being a guy and all I couldn't wait. I took the original plug off and put on a plug to try it out on 110. It's a 50 amp but will only run to 30 amps on 110v. I got it all hooked up to test and it did pretty good. I only have one 20 amp circuit so it didn't work out so well. My air compressor is also on there so when the compressor kicked on it pulled from the plasma cutter. My parts will be here tomorrow to hook it up for 220v.

    Now for the reason I got it. I'm figuring out materials to put the turbo on my 4A084.
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