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Thread: upgrade to 4a084

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    upgrade to 4a084

    i have been doing a few upgrades to my airboat. First i installed a plastic auto style fan blade on the front pulley for additional cooling and try to drop high cht's on # 4 cylinder. It keeps the cht to 350-400 degrees. Was what i wanted and didn't notice any loss of power by adding the fan blade. Only thing was when i tried to mount the homade schroud the front engine mount was in the way. The stand part of the mound was sitting farther forward than the engine which i had tied together with a 4" flat bar. What i had to do was cut the two braces on the front mount and remove the flat bar and push the mount back 4" to line up with the engine. Doing this caused the mount to lower so i put 1 extra washer under the mount to try. I ran the boat a couple of times and it seemed fine. I went out the other day only difference was the wind was blowing about 10 mph in my face and the boat would not get on a plane until i went to shallow water. I also noticed quiet a large wake behind the boat when trying to get on plane in deep water against the wind. That told me the boat mounts were not the level they were supposed to be. Before i had repositioned the front mount wind didn't have much effect on getting on plane. So i started adding washers to the front mount to raise the front of engine. It took 3 washers to get it back to where it was before. Now it planes good even in the wind. Another mod i made was adding a sprayer to the front of the boat. It's pretty simple but gets the job done. It's for spraying dawn dish liquid and water mixed together to run over dried grass or ground. These little engines need all the help they can get running dry. Any short grass that is wet you can run over with ease but when it's dry it takes more power than the 084 has to do it unless the boat is very light or you use a sprayer.
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    Re: upgrade to 4a084

    The engine tilt is very important. I had to tilt mine so it pushed down a little on the bow. This lifted the back a little an d now have very little wake.
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