The video is about 7 minutes long, the motor has been running for over an hour when I took this video.
I was well pleased in how the air coming out the shroud ports next to the exhaust were consistent, and it didn't appear to have any drag on the motor, I know the specs for the electric fan was 23 amp. which per online calculations would equal about 3 hp. about the only way i can think of to know how much drag this is having on the motor, is later on, when I have a prop on, take off the fan and shroud and see if I have an increase in my rpms at any given throttle position.

need to hook up the throttle cable the idle is at about 700 rpms. the sparkplug cht was reading between 300 and 350, a thermistor sensor that is installed in the webbing next to the valve cover would peak at 260. and an IR gun, was used to see what the outer fin temps were on all 4 cylinder heads. I was getting between 175 and 200.
the oil filter was at 140 and the temp on the oil pan was between 150 and 175
as far as the oil pressure, I had notch the connecting rods in order to get a little more oil directed to the base of the pistons.
at 700 rpms it looks to be around 20 psi. but as the rpms increased. so did the oil pressure. at 2000 rpms it was around 40 psi. 2800 it was at 55 psi. I never did take it past 3000 rpm yet..
not a lot of excitement, in the video. but at least while I am finishing tuning the motor, the head temps should stay with in reason. also I have the injectors almost dialed in, so the exhaust is pretty clean burning. the big question that will be coming up, is per one other that has fuel injection on his 084 in a plane, he has noticed about 20 percent increase in thrust, i am wondering if the props I have will be able to keep up. or will a new prop be needed....just things to think about...