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Thread: Sheet Metal Break

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    Sheet Metal Break

    As I started to look at the parts and pieces for a consul. It looks like time to fab up a custom one. with just a little more electronics, I was needing more space.
    after looking to see what others have done to make a DIY sheet metal break, This was one of the simplest tools I have made in a while.
    still need to finish the clamping part, but a C-clamp worked great in the meantime.
    deciding how long to make it... so I kept it short at having 32" of usable bend.
    It worked great for the 1/8 aluminum. and at the moment used a 15" crescent wrench as a lever.
    I also used a couple of commercial door hinges. for the pivot points. and some 3" structural aluminum channel for the rest..
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    Re: Sheet Metal Break

    I've been eyeing a harbor freight brake for some time now...I keep thinking I don't need it but I keep running into situations where the "clamp and bend" homemade stuff takes way more time doing it than it should...

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    Re: Sheet Metal Break

    I've been wanting to do a brake for a few years now. I've youtubed it a good many times but never started. I always want to wait for that perfect build. So far I like the ones that use fabbed heavy hinges(steel).

    Another month and I'll be done remodeling our investment property and I'll be able to get some garage time in.
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