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Thread: Lathe Attachments, Indexing / Dividing Head

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    Lathe Attachments, Indexing / Dividing Head

    Over the past couple of years, on fabbing up many different things, on my lathe, I have made more than my share of paper weights,
    One of the biggest headaches was the placement of holes, like a prop hub,

    over time, I have picked up and tried to fab up a few different things, but it got complicated to quick..
    but last month I came across a good deal on a indexing set, that had been sitting for some time.
    soaked it in some tranny fluid and acetone for a few, and with a little elbow grease, It looked like it had come off a show room floor,,, almost..
    then last week I came across an idea to match it up to the lathe, so now hopefully there should be no more paper weights.
    It almost wants me to make another prop hub extension, and idler pulley among other things, I know things were close on those 2 items, but as always something is always off by just a little.
    at the moment the part I will use the most is the ring gear, it has holes 48 holes in it, so anything that will divide into it. which is a lot of what I am doing at the moment, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12
    now I am just wishing i had this a few years ago, but, now that I have tried the hard ways and have failed miserably more than a few times, it will make me appreciate this attachment so much more...
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    Re: Lathe Attachments, Indexing / Dividing Head

    Wow Bart, that's a great addition to the toys you have...It's amazing what we take for granted when we look at what it will take to fabricate..I'm guilty as well...Look at it and say " That'll be easy and quick using"... And it never seems to work out quite as planned..

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