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Thread: Oil Pressure Difference between the oil filter and the governor

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    Oil Pressure Difference between the oil filter and the governor

    now is the fun part, there have been a lot of unanswered questions in the back of my mind. one has been how much oil pressure has been reduced from after the filter, to the port that fed the governor. from looking at the oil flow a couple of years back, a majority of the oil feeds the crank, and the lifters and governor are fed by a small flat on the end of the camshaft. so they do not have the full flow directed at them.
    see post
    in the past there has been some discussion on how to match up the oil lines, on the motor one is marked out, the other is mark in, the same on the filter. WELL, they are matched up like to like, or OUT to OUT, & IN to IN.... and guess what. I just went out and looked at my motor, and they were backwards... looks like I will be going to Napa tomorrow and get a new filter before starting it up again. it shows that no matter how many times you look at something, it can still be messed up...or confused.
    but with all things aside, the gauge that I had on the filter was reading a constant 60 psi. and on the governors oil port, at idle I was getting 30 psi, and when I would bump up the RPM a few hundred, it would steady out at 35 psi.
    with not seeing this checked before, I really don't have much to go on. but there are times when some on this forum have mentioned having noisy lifters until the motor warms up. I just wonder how much oil is being bled out, do to not so tight tolerances,
    this is just my thoughts on it. below is a video that I took showing the difference.
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    Re: Oil Pressure Difference between the oil filter and the governor

    So far I haven't had that "dry lifter" start at any point...Strange...I remember the issue with how the block was marked..The "in" on the block was in fact from the oil filter's perspective...So the block's "in" was to go to the oil filter housing for filtering...And the block's "out" was actually filtered oil coming out of the filter to the block...NOT which direction the engine's oil is flowing from those ports...Very confusing indeed...{I double and triple checked before I plumbed the oil cooler so it's correct}.
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