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Thread: Alaska earthquake

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    Alaska earthquake

    I hope all is well with our Alaska members.
    Our thought and prayers are with you all.

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    Re: Alaska earthquake

    Thanks, it was 300 miles away, but it let us know,
    There have been a lot of pictures posted of close calls, I am very thankful that there no fatalities.
    My wife went to anchorage the day before, with our latest grandson, was 4 weeks early, had complications so they were life flighted there.
    After the quake, it took about an hour to send and receive a text message, and about 7 hours before cell phones would connect.
    For me it was kind of surreal, I was leaving work to check on the family, and an announcement came across the work radio, that the pipeline is shutting down, and this is not a drill. It was a nice clear day, and at our location it was barely noticeable. But across the bay in town it shook pretty good. But no damage like what they had near anchorage. I still didn't know that we were having an earthquake, until 3 miles down the road, as I was crossing the bridges, and the radio alert came on with the tsunami warning, and the location of the quake close to anchorage. All I could think about was fear for anyone that would be in its path. I am so glad that none materialized.

    a lot of residential houses will be having issues that will need to be taken care of, have some friends that live next to the epicenter, some their houses are okay, but others, the damage is being looked at. To see if anything can be salvaged. It will be a hard time coming into the winter, to repair the roads and damaged structures.
    I used to shake my head at the building codes we have , but I am thankful that are in place. In this town, we build for a 8.0 earthquake, 250 pound per square foot snow load, and 80 to 100 Mph sustained winds.
    I hope and pray that all of us will be able to weather the storms that come in our paths,
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