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Thread: Thrust and torque angles?

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    Thrust and torque angles?

    Hello, I am mounting my engine and wondering about offset for thrust and torque on airboats. I am used to airplanes, Trikeís, etc.. and itís usually 1.5/2. Degrees right and down to compensate for thrust acceleration and torque. Or up and left/ right if a pusher with whatver gearbox. My question is do I set the thrust line perpendicular to hull bottom to start testing? And what do most guys do about torque correction on mini boats? 1, 2 degrees offset?

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    Re: Thrust and torque angles?

    mount engine level with bottom of boat and make sure you can adjust front or back of engine up or down if need be. never seen a mimi airboat with enough power and big enough prop to worry about torque roll.
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    Re: Thrust and torque angles?

    It'll be interesting to see just where your build will end up with the thrust angle from the initial setting as Bobby has suggested...Your build is much different than most builds so prepare yourself for some fine tuning to get it correct...

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