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Thread: New guy with new guy questions

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    New guy with new guy questions

    Hello boys(and gals?),
    I have been wanting to build an airboat for a few years. If I had more time, money and better fab skills I am sure I would have already gotten around to it. A Mini just seems great for a starter(never been on an airboat) and a very versatile rig for my wants/needs.

    I have been digging thru threads for a while now. But my question is I am looking at potential motors and I am frequently seeing generac 27-30ish hp engines used for sale for cheap. These motors are out of generators or zero turn mowers usually. These motors will work for a mini?


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    Re: New guy with new guy questions

    Hang in there PK_ there is lots of good information on this board.
    They must be all out playing with there boats but will give you an
    answer or opinion soon I'm sure. I'm using a 1600cc VW motor on my Mini.
    So I can't say much sorry.

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    Re: New guy with new guy questions

    Hi PK many ppl that have built minis have never welded or drove one before building them. Just do your homework and ask plenty of questions and you will be fine. They are fun to drive in the right places and building them can be fun and a headache at the same time.

    To answer your question about the motor, the generac is a well built motor. It's very similar to a Briggs but the generac has thicker heads and cylinder walls to help keep it cooler. They have a few versions the 27-28hp is 760cc and the 30-33hp is 990cc both have most of the same parts they just stoked the 760cc to 990cc. I think they make great airboat motors they are cheap light dependable and easy to find parts for.


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