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Thread: Antique?

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    I recently bought this engine and hoping to get it running. Maybe you fellas might know something about it? Looking for any help I can get on it.
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    Re: Antique?

    Wow, yes that's an old one...Is there any markings/script on the engine to help with the ID of the manufacturer ???

    Aluminum .120 14' X 76" hull
    Teledyne 4a084-4 engine
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    Re: Antique?

    it almost looks like a west bend bee motor, or something similar along those lines. i know of 2 different models the 580 & the 820.
    kind of hard to tell without some it cleaned up and a little better detail on the pictures. where is the carb located on this motor?
    1 have a west bend 820 motor, but it has been a few years that i have had it running.


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