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Thread: I found a trailer , needs some work

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    I found a trailer , needs some work

    It is 7 and 1/2 foot wide
    12 feet long, the deck.
    AND needs some work.
    I got it for free, it has tires and a title.

    It will be a push/pull telescoping tongue on each end, deck over.
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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    now i got to see this when it's finished. never heard of such a thing. maybe i've had my head buried in the sand too long. good find and cheap too.
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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    It needed tires,

    OK, here is what I got.RubberMaster 20.5x8 10 range F. There made in Indonesia.
    Rim Width (Inches): 6.0
    Outside Diameter (Inches): 20.60
    Section Width (Inches): 8.10
    Max Load: 1549 lbs.
    PSI: 90
    Two tires and two white rims 5 hole.
    My buddy the tire guy balanced them and will
    mount one of the old ones on one of the old rims, for a spare.
    I had to replace a stud , 7/16 - 20 and I got some extra nuts, $8.00
    I checked the bearings and they looked and felt ok, I repacked them with grease that may actually flow in cold weather. I'll change them and add Barring buddy soon as I can. Never enough money or time ...
    Galvanized rims would be the best, but for now I'll just paint the white ones Camo and call it good.
    Now just re do the entire trailer for cat, boat and it will be finished.

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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    i need to find something like that, looks like somebody had fun taking the old deck off. but at least you wont have any surprises. when you are done.
    you probably already have but double check the springs for cracks and where the springs are mounted to the frame.
    i lost a axle once due to a broken spring. it made that day kind of exciting.
    just give yourself plenty of clearance between the tire and the decking, i had a cheap 2 place snowmachine trailer back in the day with those tires, kept on having flats. finally figured out that when i hit a bump. the tire would rub on the bottom of the deck. and less than a mile down the road, i would have a flat. finally i replace the springs with some that were a little stiffer, and that made a big difference.
    can't wait to see what it looks like when you got the boat on it.
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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    Yes the springs and mounts are good.
    I have decided No deck, I'll make wide "rollers" the length of the trailer
    Only under the cats. Put some kind of fender over the top of the tires.

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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    Nice score...It looks like you have some work to do...It'll be interesting to see just how this trailer works with your telescoping tongue idea...

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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    Dual tongue trailer?
    What size do you think I would need for rectangle tubing for a tongue.My big boat ,18 foot Hewes jet, is 3x4 but it is thin Galvanized and runs over half way the trailer length . About 5 feet unsupported.
    I'm going to use the "Same" tongue for front and back, slide it in or out take it to the back and plug it in like a reserve . Like a reserve I will use a "pin" to hold it in ,But I think two for the front position , to keep it from raddling so much. I'm kinda thinking 2"x3" 1/4"or 3/8 thick 10 feet long. In front it would be about 5 feet unsupported and when in back it would be more like 6 or 7 feet.
    When in the back it would only be used for pushing or pulling the boat in or out of the water/mud, no towing .
    What size tubing would it slide in too?
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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    your local metal shop should have the sizes that you are looking for, and you can see what will match up. just make sure to use seamless tubing for the larger size. other wise you will be fighting that seam as you slide the smaller tube in.
    your tongue might well be the heaviest part of your trailer.
    all of my trailers have only a 4' of tongue that sticks out. usually i only care to have 2 to 3 hundred pounds. of tongue weight when loaded. (at the coupler /hitch)
    on my 20' flow snowmachine trailer, it came with a 3x5" aluminum tongue, which a loader had sheared off while plowing snow. I replaced it with a 3" square metal tube 3/16" wall. i have been using it for the last 10 years, and haven't had any problems with it.
    where are you planning on connecting the trailer jack? onto the frame?
    where you are going to access the quick release pins, will this be accessible from the top? I don't think it would be to fun crawling under the trailer to release / install the pins.
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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    There is about 2 feet that a "V" of frame in front.
    The proposed receiver tube will run from mid way near the axel to the point of that V.
    Should be easily accessed for two pins, I think.
    The rear will be just like a normal receiver hitch only with a long tongue.
    Yes there will be foot that folds down from the frame.

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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    I got 24 feet of 3" tubing and 24 feet of 2 1/2" to go inside.
    It's cheaper to get the whole peace the get it cut.
    Front and back

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    Re: I found a trailer , needs some work

    that would make it fun for hauling home, in the back of a pickup.


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