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Thread: Summer is coming to the Susquehanna....

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    Summer is coming to the Susquehanna....

    With the weather turning for the better...

    Guess it is time to de-winterize the Lycoming... Need to change oil and filter, give it a six quart drink of fresh 50 weight Shell and throw in a little bottle of Lycoming anti-scuff juice. Dump a few cans of 100LL in the tank, and put the battery back in the box. See if she fires up after a long winter's nap.

    I only work a mile from the PA boat office, so I guess a lunchtime visit for fresh registration stickers are on the list also.

    Time to wake up the ducks !!! <<LOL>>

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    Re: Summer is coming to the Susquehanna....

    Hey Kent..
    What a spring so far...A good week's worth of rain keeps the outdoor activities at bay...Look on the bright side at least there's plenty of water now so you'll be able to run where you want...I got extremely busy at work and haven't had the time for the fun stuff...Or much else for that matter...That will change in another week I should be all caught up...If you need any help I'm only a call away...

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