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Thread: 22 HP Predator Harbor Freight discount

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    22 HP Predator Harbor Freight discount

    For any who are interested until March 31st this coupon code is good for $100.00 off at Harbor Freight 75998876 on the 22 hp Predator motor
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    Re: 22 HP Predator Harbor Freight discount

    Thanks for the heads up...You know, I've been watching these engines go on sale quite often and after seeing how well Darrel and Ron's boats perform I wouldn't hesitate to use one of these for some fun !!!

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    Re: 22 HP Predator Harbor Freight discount

    I searched and searched for a coupon to save on that motor, we called 4 times to Harbor Freight in Littleton NH and was told by 4 separate emplyees they did not have any specials or coupons for the 22 HP Predator motor. I finally went over and picked one up, grabbed a flyer they had on the counter and headed back home about 65 miles southwest. Stopped for some Chinese 30 miles down the road while waiting I went through the flyer and there it was $100.00 off 22 HP Predator. Called them up and explained, they had me come back with the coupon and did a return/resell with the $100.00 off for me.
    I have the belt redrive and Prop I will be using I got off of LoneStar Hovercraft. Also there are a couple places for aftermarket parts if you want a bit more out of it. I will make changes down the road when it is time for a rebuild.



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