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Thread: 50 elk all bulls All I needed was one cow.

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    50 elk all bulls All I needed was one cow.

    Well I guess I'll have to wait to answer my question.
    I feel sure the 6mm would kill a cow elk ,But no cows to test it on.
    We hunted and "scoped" a LOT of country.
    Bull after bull after bull.
    Groups of bulls ,and a herd of bulls.
    Some monsters some little peanut heads but all bulls.
    We put the hunt on suspected cows time and time again, only to find more bulls.
    The ranch owners put us on areas that where loaded with elk.
    Yup all bulls, some we hunted to with in 50 yards.
    AND, did you know my camera will not work at -20*?
    If I could step out side the truck, I could get one picture, more then that and nota .
    Two days sun up to sundown chasing bulls .
    We where seeing a lot of deer and coyote tracks too.

    On the trip home we called coyotes, It was warming up to +5 in the daylight , nice...
    I was afraid our cold coyote streak was going to persist.
    It did for a few but, we where hearing call back at most of our sets, that was encouraging.
    We kept at it till the wind was about as high as we like to call in and it "Broke".
    A group of 3 coyotes came charging in to our challenge calls looking to kick some butt.
    They came in on my side, so I knew the boy would not shoot till I did. At that point , no presser a 3 day hunt ,butt cold miles of walking and not a shot fired, right no presser on the old man.
    They stopped about 200 yards and froze looking for a threatening coyote. It's now or never.
    The safety on the 6 slid down almost by it self the cross hairs dead center shoulder of the end coyote. Bang, flop! and The six seemingly moved to the fleeing coyotes like a laser tracking a MIG fighter. I heard the FP switch to the fox bang and the wounded coyote yelp and the front runner hoped to a stop to look back.
    Now closer to 350 yards . Again the coyote was dead center in the scope, bang, Flop!. The third disappeared someplace never to be seen again. My son jumped up to congratulate me on a specular funk braking Double. He was surprised to see me digging in the snow. He hollered what the heck are you doing ?
    "I look up and said I'm looking for my brass", haha funny thing to be doing after that he said. But Hey there 6mm brass and as valuable as the coyotes to me. I only found one dang it.
    IT FELT VERY GOOD to have two dead coyotes laying in the snow.
    It was the last set we did the wind just came up to hard to continue , and we still had 3 hours home.
    No Elk but we broke the funk and had 2 very nice coyotes , What a perfect way to spend time with the boy.
    I did find the 80 gr Barnes TTS at 3600 fps a little rough for shooting coyotes, Going to need a needle and thread to sell the furs but hey there dead.

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    Re: 50 elk all bulls All I needed was one cow.

    That's the way it goes isn't it ??? No matter what you're out there for you won't see them.......Well at least you can keep some excitement going while you're out there...I'm interested in seeing if you can drop one with the gun/bullets you want to use or whether you'll just give him a haircut and he'll keep going...

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    Re: 50 elk all bulls All I needed was one cow.

    If I find a cow it will drop.
    The 6 don't miss.
    The damage hunt runs till Feb. 15th
    The problem is snow now and it is a 4 hour
    Drive to get to my Unit.
    If it works out, I'll have pictures .


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