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Thread: Walleye this time

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    Walleye this time

    BOY we hit that just right.
    Blasted out from my house at 4:00 AM. Up the gravel to our local , 100 miles away , mussel infested lake, for a little walleye fishing.
    Wind was going to rip so both boats stayed at there respective homes. AND it did rip.
    Started out slow with a small sauger , but picked up fast and just kept going ...
    Caught a bunch of walleyes turned back a bunch too. The goldeye where not bad but we did get quite a few , and a red tail sucker , on a jig by the way.

    We kept 4 ,15 to 16 inchers and one that is my personal best at 27"

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    Re: Walleye this time

    Walleye is some good eating, pretty much the only caught fish we eat. It's sad that the river in our area is in such bad shape right now we can't eat any fish. I rarely keep anything but it would be nice to keep one or two to enjoy.
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    Re: Walleye this time

    Well it looks like you kept the excitement going during the fishing trip !!... Walleye do put up a respectable battle... Thanks for sharing...

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