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Thread: what to put on a wooden prop

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    what to put on a wooden prop

    OK Doozit sold me a prop for the Waterbug, wooden.
    I want to recoat it and paint it, camo.
    What is better?
    Plan A:
    sand and seal.
    Good implement enamel for the camo colors.
    Then some coats of Polyurethane.
    Is "spar" varnish a better finish?
    Something even better?

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    Re: what to put on a wooden prop

    Is the finish peeling ??? Is the wood layers cracked ?? I've always sanded and painted the color of choice every few years when it looks like it needed attention..But I've never left it get too far gone to have the prop split like some do...

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    Re: what to put on a wooden prop

    No peeling, no cracks or splits.
    Just needs to be spruced up and made "Camo"


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