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Thread: What did I do this time?

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    Unhappy What did I do this time?

    Hello for the first time. I am so happy I found this forum, I have built a 4'x8' mini air boat with a 13.5 HP Honda spinning a 42"arrow prop w\ 12degree pitch, I named it Fanny, it runs 20 to 25 mph? but up stream against the flow of the river it would not plane out, so I put a new 18 hp Duro max w\ele start trying to solve the up stream problem,and now for reasons that are beyond my understanding it won't plane out going with or against the flow. Wiffie and I just moved to lake Hudson here in OKlahoma and I am chomping at the bits to get it in the water again so I sure would like to hear from someone that has been around air boats longer than my self that could tell me what it is that I have done wrong this time to mess up my beautiful little boat. Thanks Bob T.

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    Re: What did I do this time?

    Can't help you I'm very new here to but you will hear from the best I'll bet.
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    Re: What did I do this time?

    Hi Bob T and welcome to the site......First things first..What's the weight difference now with the new engine and battery compared to the small engine with the pull start ??? Did you install the old prop ?? If so are you spinning it past it's upper operating range ???

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    Re: What did I do this time?

    ^ What he said.

    moving this to general tech talk.
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