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    Eric's mini

    Hey guys, long time reader, never posted on a forum before so be gentle. If this is in the wrong place, please move to appropriate section.

    Ok, to the meat and potatoes. I live in the Midwest, near a very shallow river with a hard sand bottom. I currently have a mudmotor, specifically sps 22hp longtail on a 1648 flat bottom jon that works good, as long as I have about 6 or so inches of water. In the winter and heat of the summer, the water is frequently 3-4" deep and 1-2" in a few places. There are a few full size airboats in the area and I think that is the way to go. I love to tinker and have a good DIY background.

    My plan is to build a lake buggy single as a starter project. I have the plans but have a few modifications to suit my needs better. I am planning on using the harbor freight 22hp(~100lbs) motor Instead of a 10-13hp (only because its what I already have), Use a direct drive arrow prop (whatever they recommend), raise the sides to 12", and since this will be used as a shallow water boat (no stumps, no dry, only minor beaching on hard sand) reduce as much weight as possible by reducing the hull thickness to about 1/8" and using epoxy and glass to compensate. Using aluminum instead of steel for motor mount and cage, and a lithium ion 12v battery, I think I can have this complete build including 2.5 gallons of gas at about 200lbs. I weigh 200 lbs, so the total weight would be about 400lbs.

    I have read countless threads, watched just as many videos, but before I start a project like this I want to have done my due diligence. My goal start is in 4 months (after I take the GRE in june). What is the consensus of the experts?

    My concerns
    1) I haven't read about many builds using 22ish hp, and the one on youtube I saw was a turd, but the hull was aluminum and looked like it weighed 400lbs on its own
    2) my 1648 jon boat(800 lbs including driver) can ride in ~2" of water (@20mph), but my mudmotor prop hops out of the water, so I loose thrust and come off step. Can a 8'x4' airboat like the lake buggy realistically run in 1-2 inches of water almost indefinitely?
    3) I am stepping into the unknown here guys (atleast from my perspective), is there anything else I am missing?

    thanks in advance,
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