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Thread: 4A084 quick reference guide

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    4A084 quick reference guide

    Just making a place for a quick reference guide I am putting together covering common problems and info on the 084.
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    Re: 4A084 quick reference guide

    Great idea Papee! It would be a big help for us new guys.
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    Re: 4A084 quick reference guide

    IO have a question, the pistons have an arrow, does this have to follow in the direction of the motor rotation?

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    Re: 4A084 quick reference guide

    This will be a great reference for the new to Air Boating folks.

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    Re: 4A084 quick reference guide

    Yes, the arrows point in direction of rotation, up on right side and down on left side. Right side of the block back by the flywheel has an up rotation arrow and left front a down rotation arrow.
    Just align the piston arrows up or down just like the arrows on the block.


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