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Thread: Corky's Build

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    Re: Corky's Build

    Actually....NO.........The river didn't cooperate.... We had a stretch of no rain and in turn the river here was close to record low...There just wasn't enough water to drop it in and get all the adjustments made...I'm all for running low water knowing the hull is getting banged up but this river is made up of layers of rock in this area and unfortunately the probability of damage to the hull was just too great...I'm talking the local guys had all the boats marooned near the shore and the hardcore fisherman had canoes and kayaks just to say they were out there...When it did finally rain it took the river the other way with the most flow it had all year with trees,logs and other debris coming downstream to find a new home so that pretty much ended the chances of having some good weather/temps for the launch ceremony...
    You can imagine my disappointment after all that work only to not be able to get out there...But it is what it is and I'll be ready for spring !!!
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    Re: Corky's Build

    i think you made a good choice corky. as die hard as i am i would not do anything with the odds against me. it's better to wait for conditions to improve. we got nothing but time. never take a chance in hurting your self. the boat can be replaced.
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