I am very happy with the Mini site and what it has become. I also enjoy helping others answering any questions there may be about my setup or any other subject I may know about. Just to give you an idea, I get an average of 15 PMs a day just on this site and this is not my only website, I also have sites on different hobbies/racing. I get lots of PMs, emails, and at least a few phone calls a day.

As I said I do enjoy helping others but ask that if you have a question that may help others in the future please find a place on the forums to ask the question. Many times I am answering the same question over and over. If the question is on the forums others can benefit from your post. This is not that I don't want to help, I just get real busy answering emails and PMs, I want to build too. LOL

If you need something immediately I have no problems with PMs, it sends me an email and I can get to it right away. There may be times that I ask you to post your question in the proper forums so I can answer it there. This does not apply to questions about an order or subjects not pertaining to others.

Thanks everyone,