I've been poking around various place on the internet, looking at options for engines. I'm interested in a smallish airboat, but one that will run the ice. That limits engine options, because an ice hull has to be fairly stout. I've read about everything from the 084, the Suzuki Robin in the 40HP range, all the way up to the Eco Tec 2.0-2.4's. I was hoping to get a rundown on the contenders discussing pros and cons, including output figures, installed weights, cost both purchase and operational. Many of the engines aren't really for minis, but I'd like to learn more.

I like the technology and efficiency of the Eco Tecs, but havn't seen anything recent on them. Chuck was doing some work on those engines, but don't know how that all panned out. The 4-stroke Rotax engines look good, too, but I don't know about cost. I don't think the engines used by Dragonfly will push an ice hull, same for the 084. Any feedback?