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Thread: McCulloch 0-100-1 Drone Engine

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    McCulloch 0-100-1 Drone Engine

    I got an email from someone saying that there was interest in this engine. The information was a little vague, I'm trying to get more info on it.
    It looks like it is a 90hp 4cyl weighing in at around 70 lbs.

    I do have his contact info if anyone is interested.

    Here's a more clear photo of the plate for model number.

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    I've looked just a little into these engines. Yes, they are light, and powerful. They're 2 strokes, so that adds to the lightness.

    They were once used a lot on Benson gyrocopters, but really, they were designed to be used in target drones. So, their intended lifetime was just a few short hours. Basically, designed for a one time flight.

    The gyrocopter guys used them, but I understand that they were high maintenance.

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