An update from "OLD ED" on the Mini Aircat.
As stated when I purchased the Mini Aircat I planned on using it for many things. I have used to drown worms (fish) but last week she was put to work as a Search & Rescue Boat on the North Platte River searching for a young deputy sheriff who was lost in the line of duty. The deputy went into the water in an attempt to save a teenager and he paid the ultimate price.
As many people know the rivers were flowing fast due to excessive snow melt and the North Platte was no exception. The Mini Cat may be small in size but has the heart of a lion. She handled the water like a champ. The water was not real rough but was very fast moving. We had the boat in the water for over six hours without so much as a cough or a sputter.
The little boat was not the one to locate the deputy as his body had not reached the area where we were searching. He was found close to where he went into the water the next day.
The Mini Aircat has got me hooked on airboats. I told my wife that I'll never have another boat but I will have another airboat.
I know if our Search & Rescue needs a boat that can go anywhere I will get the call.