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Thread: Old style powerfin "A" style blades

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    Old style powerfin "A" style blades

    A bolt vibrated loose from my rotax y pipe and went through the prop. Destroyed one blade. That blade design (A) is obsolete and I cannot order replacements. Anyone have one lying around? I've ordered a warp drive in the meantime, but I would like to have the powerfin as a backup, or vise versa depending on how the Warp drive works....Needs to be left hand rotation.....


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    Hey Bruce,

    Sorry about your bad luck with the powerfin. If you can't locate a blade here, I would try checking with 084 experimenters forum. I bet someone over there has some lying around.


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    What a darned shame. That was a pretty decent prop.

    Your bad luck should be a reminder to the rest of us.

    A little dab of Loc-Tite may have saved it.

    The good news is you wanted to try a Warp Drive anyway, right?

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