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    Rotax Mini!

    This is a 12'X 5' hull, 6' wide at the widest. It all aluminum and braced up to run ice, but would work for bouncing off trees and logs as well! I've had a blast with this boat and will shed some tears when it goes, but the wife's car motor just blew and we're expecting the 14th of Jan... Life kinda grabs you by the oysters!
    Great little boat, it planes in a couple seconds and it'll hold plane at half throttle without a load, but will need full throttle to hold it for loads over 800 lbs. I've had around 1000 lbs of gear, people, and supplies in it and it still planes in 4 ft of water.
    Diamond plate side rails and back compartments. Its fully welded underneath, and the decking is riveted on. It comes with a trailer and battery, so is a complete ready to go boat. I use it and will continue to use it til I get er sold. It is a pull start but runs great. I won't lie and say it starts on the first pull every time, sometimes it take 3 or 4 pulls, but its very reliable.
    It has around a 50 mile range on a 12 gallon tank. The hull weighs 300 lbs. It won't run dry, but if you top it out you can pull it around a parking lot by the nose. Runs great... Hate to do it, but someone will be happy. I'm into it more than this, but I know its not worth what I'm into it. Great deal for an awesome boat!
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