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Thread: Herth Engine/G-50 reduction

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    Herth Engine/G-50 reduction

    I may have a good deal on a Hirth engine with a 2.59 to 1 G-50 gear. I think it is a 3202 V or a 3203 V. It has been in storage for a few years. It also has a 3 blade Powerfin prop. It also has a gauge panel but someone cut the EGT sensor wires. The 3202 is 55 HP and the 3203 is 65 HP. I want know which engine it is until i pick it up tomorrow afternoon. What does everyone think about this engine?
    Thanks, Chuck

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    Re: Herth Engine/G-50 reduction


    Since I didn't know anything about them, I Googled them.

    It looks like either of them would make an interesting true Mini engine. They have a very good power to weight ratio.

    Keep us informed !


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    Re: Herth Engine/G-50 reduction

    Hey Chuck I'm curious about what you got and the price let me know if it is the 65 hp or not.
    I allready have A Rotax 50 hp.
    Thanks Bogger
    Boat specs:
    Hull, 116 fiberglass
    Bottom, Frog spit
    Motor, Rotax 532 dual carb
    65 ponies to push with
    Reduction, 2.58/1
    Prop, IVO 62in.3blade adjustable
    Rigging, 0.5 and 0.75 emt

    All still under construction

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    Re: Herth Engine/G-50 reduction

    Hey Bogger, I got it and it is a 2706, 65 HP. It 's the same as the 3203 as for all the specs. I think they just changed the model number. I can't find any differance. It was on a 2 seater trike. We got it in the shop and took the cage off today. It came with a 62 inch Powerfin 3 blade prop. I don't know what i will do with it at this time. It turns over good. I may pull one of the heads just to see what i got. The man i got it from said it wasn't used much. Thanks, Chuck


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