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Thread: rnd props on sale cheap!!

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    rnd props on sale cheap!!

    found this deal on S.A.

    RND Props Special
    While Supplies Last
    All Props 36"to 48" on Sale. 36"is $85.00,42"is $95.00, and 48"is $125.00. All Prices includes Shipping in the Continental U.S..
    Address#1841 Schoolhouse Rd.
    Blakely Ga. 39823

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    Re: rnd props on sale cheap!!

    these props are wood, correct? And do you know if this fellow has a website.

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    Re: rnd props on sale cheap!!

    They are wood props. As far a I know, he makes them to order. You'd have to call but I'm pretty sure he doesn't stock the props. I've never ran one but I know he makes a good product.

    this is an old post though so I'm sure the prices have gone up.
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    Re: rnd props on sale cheap!!

    Paper, thanks for the reply back. And also I really enjoy reading all your post on the different topics of air boating.

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    Re: rnd props on sale cheap!!

    I did order a 42 inch from arrow prop. That thing can't get here quick enough. Haha. Should be getting it the begining of next week.

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    Re: rnd props on sale cheap!!

    My phone spell check. I hate it. Papee. Sorry about the mispell on your name.


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