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Thread: I spent the weekend at camp.

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    I spent the weekend at camp.

    Sorry, I didn't even snap one photo. I was sitting in the boat while at shore looking at the beautiful dusk and thought I should go get the camera and take a pic, I decided to just sit there and enjoy it. I left Friday night and came back home this morning (Mon) This trip I was alone and it was great. I even turned off my phone for a whole day! I fished, went on a few rides, and just relaxed working on the camp a bit. I'm soon ready to graduate from tarps and a tent to an actual wood building! I need to build a platform to get it up a few feet above the high water mark before I do any more work and it is to heavy to move to the platform. Fishing was great and the weather was the best. It was a little hot the first day but the rest of the time it was beautiful. The best was I still had 1/4 tank of gas left in the boat of the 6 gals it holds.
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    Re: I spent the weekend at camp.

    Thats why you can't beat a mini airboat, low fuel consumption. Glad to here you had a good weekend at the camp. With no pictures, I can go back to
    prior post of the camp and still daydream and pretend it's me.
    Thanks, Chuck


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