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Thread: Founding Members

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    Re: Founding Members

    Hello Guys,

    Chuck, Papee it's nice to see you two here.

    I just stumbled here. I was not aware of this site's existence.

    Anyways, it's great to know that there is a dedicated site for Minis.

    I will read around first and maybe catch up with you guys.



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    Re: Founding Members

    Thanks for joining Leo, Please read all the old topics and check out the gallery. I hope you like the mini site. Let us know if you need anything.
    Thanks, Chuck

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    Re: Founding Members

    Hey Leo, Nice seeing you around.
    Please check out our YouTube channel and subscribe! Our YouTube Channel helps fund the site. Check it out at

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    Re: Founding Members

    hello an thanks for this great site... how do I go about donating an how much to become a member... also posted in the introduction's thread an hope to be an active member of this site.. also have met an delt w mr. chuck of airboat pro's an hes one hell of a guy... has been my only source of info on the o84 till I found this site... again thanks


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