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11-06-2009, 12:21 AM
I've been sent a few messages and emails about donations lately so I thought I would post about this. I started the mini site out of my love for the hobby and will always offer any of the info on the mini site free of charge. My web development business allows me to use some of my resources for the mini site. It does cost money to host the pages here and I will gladly accept these donations and they are greatly appreciated. Do you get anything more than a regular user? No, other than your name is in bold blue and be a member of the supports group. Are there any special hidden handshake forums you can see, no.

What it does do is help with the cost of running the site. All donations are used for the site, scripts, and products for the mini site like the stickers. While I'm on the sticker subject, the stickers are free with a limit of two per person. You can choose between red, black, and white. You can get them by PMing me with your address and you choice of color. Again, there is no charge for the stickers.

The donate button can be found on the main site on the About Us(http://miniairboatassoc.com/aboutus.php) page at the bottom. This uses PayPal or credit card. For other options you can eamil me at support@woodlawnwt.com

I want to thank everyone here for the success of the site, it is you members that make the site what it is. As always, I am here to make a place to share our hobby.

With the new board you can now donate by visiting your user settings under paid subscriptions or use this direct link. http://miniairboatassoc.com/forum/payments.php

Donation levels allow users to store more PM messages, larger album storage, attachment storage, more features, and allow access to forums on discussions about the MAA operations.

Thank You for you support and involvement in Mini Airboat Association.com