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  1. What do you hunt using your mini?
  2. hog hunting
  3. Had a chance to go out again
  4. Mushrooms Elkhorn River NE
  5. Frogging
  6. Duck Hunting from an Airboat
  7. No airboat was injured in this post just hunting week one
  8. In Liew of the airboat, Hunting in the "Mud Boat"
  9. Hunting season IS HERE
  10. Sheep , gumbo and a good story
  11. Mud boat coyotes and lots of Ammo
  12. Uh Oh that could have been bad
  13. No near explosion this time
  14. Any one hunt elk ? 6MM for cow elk? Ok choice for close cow/calf ? What do you think
  15. 50 elk all bulls All I needed was one cow.
  16. Not using the fox anymore
  17. Can you hear it ? Thats the sound of all the doves heading south
  18. Crane, ribeye in the sky
  19. This time it's antelope